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Cultural events

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Elixirs 2022 / Transitions

ART Ecology in Val d'Adour

From June 18 to October 24, 2022


Elixirs en val d'Adour is an artistic project dedicated to art and ecological transition. Dedicated to the Adour River, Elixirs offers all audiences a year-round program of exhibitions, conferences, meetings-debates, performances and workshops.


The 2022 prefiguration edition introduces the orientations and ambition of Elixirs through art: reinventing our relationship with nature and the living, associating natural and cultural heritage, reinvesting the long times of nature, creativity and work.


Under the title Transitions, Elixirs 2022 presents the spirit of the project which is part of a perspective of individual and collective "better living", by highlighting the different strata (geographical, historical, societal, etc.) of the territory through eco-design and co-creation process. So that the works "echo" with the cultural and natural dimensions of the Val d'Adour.


Slow gardens

To Hildegard of Bingen


The Slow Gardens exhibition restores the idea of the restorative garden with a cosmological dimension. And more broadly our relationship with nature and the plant world at a time of ecological transition.


The purpose of the exhibition, designed from the collections of the Frac Occitanie and Nouvelle Aquitaine, is to transform the medieval tower into a veritable multi-storey garden, which is both a manifesto and a laboratory of ecological art, of which the medieval garden is the incarnation and the transhistorical symbol. This is why the garden project of the medieval Academy of Termes D'Armagnac, associated with the exhibition and presented on the top floor of the tower, has all its importance for the future of the Elixirs project. It is associated with an evocation of Hildegard of Bingen, mystical visionary, naturalist and healer of the Middle Ages who will be part of the garden project.


The exhibition is built around the slow art manifesto launched by the artist duo Art Orienté Objet (Marion Laval-Jeantet and Benoit Mangin) in 1994, to which homage is paid here. The “slow gardens” exhibition is openly inspired by this visionary, innovative and life-saving approach. She even proposes to decline and apply this manifesto from works that bring into play organic principles, or embody to different degrees, the stakes of the renewal of our relationship with nature.


With works from the Fracs Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine collections: Michel Blazy, Art Orienté Objet, Jacques Vieille, Lois Weinberger, Suzanne Husky, Pierre Clément, Jean-François Noble, Joachim Mogara, Bertrand Lamarche. Commissioner: Pascal Pique



The Prodigious Savetière by Fédérico Garcia Lorca

by the theater workshop of the medieval and popular academy of terms

Saturday, July 9, 9 p.m. 2022

A young girl in the prime of life has married an old cobbler whom she makes live a hellish existence. The whole village, made up of gossips and seducers, comments on this situation, trying to take advantage of it. Tired of his wife's whims and impetuosity, the cobbler flees... Will the lively and upright character of the pretty heroine and her candid illusions stand the test of this absence?

Through the plot, it is all the Hispanic nature of the drama that is revealed in its theatrical intensity and its musical and scenographic aspects.

The strength of the Spanish poet is to have seen, like no one else, how much man looked up to the sky. His courage was to give substance to this poetic utopia, through his dramatic work, of sovereign beauty, through his tireless work of itinerant and militant theatre.

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