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Who are we ?

The medieval and popular Academy of Termes, created in 2012, is the result of the merger of two associations: Friends of the Tower of Termes and Lions of Termes. With a cultural and socio-educational vocation, the association aims to:

  • The artistic and cultural animation of the medieval sites of Termes d'Armagnac, the Tower and the castle mound of Monterran, designed as a tool for enhancing and safeguarding medieval and Occitan heritage. But also the participation in multi-period public events on other sites. This takes the form of medieval workshops around crafts, theater, dance, and larger-scale events including medieval festivals.

  • To gather around the two historic sites of Termes, the largest number of different people wishing to be part of a process of transmission of knowledge and know-how of medieval arts including crafts, culture and history of Late Middle Ages.

  • To anchor itself in the territory and participate in its influence as one of the three major heritage sites of the tourist country of the Pays Val d'Adour. The association is increasing its partnerships with public authorities and also private individuals including cultural associations, local artisans and traders, with the aim respectively of offering a common and advantageous offer, of defending the territory and its emblematic products.

All activities are based on the principles, philosophy and methods of Popular Education, around the values of accessibility, sharing and tolerance.

Development projects

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Each of the projects is developed on the principle of accessibility to all audiences as well as the desire to present the different aspects of medieval culture and arouse curiosity for this heritage.

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  • The museography of the keep

The objective of the reconstruction part is to recreate everyday objects and revive the rooms of the dungeon. With a view to transmitting the know-how of medieval arts, the reconstruction part of the museum is also supplied with objects created using traditional techniques by the association or the craftsmen animating the site, such as the fittings of the cupboards, the pottery, the costumes or certain pieces of armor.

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  • The establishment of a medieval equestrian jousting stadium

Through this space, the association wishes to place the horse at the heart of its development project. An opportunity to develop archaeological experimentation around medieval equestrian equipment (farrier), the stadium is part of the promotion of this heritage and the transmission of ancestral know-how in connection with the horse.

It would also be a place dedicated to artistic development for the actors of the territory, a stage for local artists offering all types of events for all audiences.

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  • The creation of a village of craftsmen in the shaded park of the Tower

The association works for the emergence of a real village of craftsmen working according to medieval techniques; the whole based on a work of serious historical research and coherent with the medieval period of the castle of Termes. Metallurgy was chosen as a starting point with the creation of a forging workshop started in 2019. This new course must be able to offer activities for the general public, from discovery courses to training, and also to feed the collections. of the museum through its productions. The village will thus allow the multiplication of activities and complete the site's permanent offer during school holidays.

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  • Developing a medieval garden near the Saint-Pierre church

The garden holds an important place in the medieval world. Indispensable to medicine and food, it is also a place of contemplation and stroll in religious and stately spaces. The medieval garden project is the subject of real long-term reflection. In line with current issues, the project aims to offer local production using medieval techniques, highlighting the many forgotten plants of this period. Also this will allow to reconstruct life at the time of the heyday of the castle in a way as complete and faithful as possible.

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  • The preservation of the Monterran castle mound

A typical construction of the feudal system, the motte castrale, ancestor of fortified castles, is an artificial or semi-artificial mound of earth on which rests a keep, in most cases made of wood. This Termois heritage is made up of a double motte with very impressive dimensions compared to the other examples that have come down to us. This is partly explained by the rare fact that the stone Saint-Barthélemy church alone occupies the smaller of the two clods. In charge of this exceptional site, the association must safeguard it and promote this type of construction still very little known to the general public. With this in mind, students from the agricultural high school of Riscle come in March 2021 to clear the castle mound in order to enhance it and create an educational trail on the PR1 hiking trail.

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