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Visit the Tower

In Termes d'Armagnac, in the heart of the Armagnac Adour Community of Communes, the Tower is one of the three heritage sites of the Val d'Adour tourist country.

THE visit: An enlarged itinerary 

The Medieval Academy offers you an immersive experience in the 13th century throughout the historic site.

The visit begins as soon as you acquire your entry ticket in the new reception building at the foot of the castle.

Before climbing the steps of the keep, you can stroll through the shaded park where various medieval games await you, to discover with family or friends; then you will be able to admire the functioning of an authentic medieval forge, the first stone of the artisan village, a real place of sharing and entertainment.

The medieval keep, the heart of your visit:

The museography has been completely redesigned and redesigned to offer you a fun and original visit.

Pierre and Agnès, your two visiting companions, will guide you throughout your adventure.

The first rooms provide you with keys to understanding the history of the site, its architectural evolution and its importance in the 13th century.

Then let yourself be transported 700 years into the past and take part in the lordly life of the palace. Explore the kitchen, the armory, the lordly bedroom and the aula, reconstructed with attention to detail and authenticity.

Finally, the keep terrace offers you a breathtaking view of the Adour and Arros valleys, as well as the Pyrenees mountain range.

A site in constant evolution 

From 2019 a new impetus to overhaul the entire medieval site is driven by the association, in order to offer you an increasingly immersive visit each year.

The artisan village is gradually emerging and will very soon constitute a real fun and educational journey. The blacksmith, the potter, the woodworker and many other craftsmen will share their knowledge and secrets with you, bringing back to life the essential trades of the Late Middle Ages.

The equestrian jousting stadium and its entirely wooden stands with 330 seats should be operational by summer. A place for shows and games, this new space will immerse you in the fascinating world of chivalry tournaments.

The castle mound of MonterrAn

The castle motte, or feudal motte, is an artificial or semi-artificial mound of earth on which a wooden keep is built at its top. These buildings assert seigniorial power and shape the medieval landscape. Today listed, the Monterran castle mound is one of the largest in the south-west, it is made up of two mounds: the largest vast of 4000m², and the second, smaller, on which the traces of the stone foundations of the Romanesque church of Saint-Barthélemy are still visible. The motte, located in the northern forest of Termes d'Armagnac, is accessible from the tower by the PR1 hiking trail of approximately 5km.

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